Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Windows decorating

An upholstered cornice with stationary panels and a soft shade behind.
The face of the cornice was thirty inches and it was hard installing it because my arms were not as long as the cornice.
I had to use a very long screw driver.
Installing the stationary panels was even harder, i had to stretch my self to the limit.
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Window treatment

An upholstered valance with stationary panels and tie backs. it was done in a girl's room.
I had to make a template to fit in a triangular ceiling.
The mounting of the whole treatment was a bit of a challenge.
I installed a board behind the upholstered cornice so, I can mount the panels inside it but, first I installed the upholstered cornice to the ceiling by using Angle brackets.
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This is an upholstered headboard that was mounted on the wall.
The way it was made was by installing a horizontal 1 by 6
That was cut at 45 degrees on the back of the headboard and another 1 by 6 cut at 45 degrees that was mounted on the wall.
The headboard rest on top of the horizontal 1 by 6.
It is secure and very easy to remove.
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Upholstered valance with drapes

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The Swiss alps are an amazing place to visit.
There are many activities such as Biking,hiking,wild water rafting,skiing,gliding,site seeing, and more.
To get there you fly to Zurich and then you take a train to the town of Interleukin that is located between two lakes at the foot of the alps mountains.
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This picture was taken in the summer on top
of the alps mountain.
The only way to get up there is by taking a train from the town of Interlaken.
The train climb the twelve thousand feet very slowly,
It takes about two hours to reach the top.
Along the way there are two stops for you to get off and to enjoy the view.
You will feel light headed so, be careful...
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